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Truck Bearings

The Truck Bearings which are equivalent for bus, truck, trailer etc. The Truck Bearings is precisely designated for enabling tapered roller bearings in handling an amalgamation of thrust and radial loads. These are sturdily developed from top grade steel ensuring dimensional stability and longevity. The salient attributes of our offered bearing range are dimensional accuracy, corrosion resistant, high durability, sturdiness and elevated load sustainability. Our bearings are comprised of components like inner ring, cone, rolling element, cage, outer ring and tapered rollers, which assist in noise free and frictionless functioning of the bearings. These bearings are superlatively used in agriculture equipments, cars and wheel assembly.

Automotive Alternator Bearings

We have a quality assortment of Automotive Alternator Bearings that is suitably used as medium for powering the electrical system of automobiles. These bearings are made sturdily by making use of premium grade materials and most sophisticated techniques, in order to charge the automotive battery at the same time when engine is running. This bearing range rectifies alternating current to direct current. Our alternator bearing are belt driven at higher speed than the crankshaft speed.

  • Charges automotive battery
  • Powers electrical system at the same time as engine is at running stage
  • Impeccably converts mechanical energy into electrical energy
  • Driven at crankshaft speed
  • Cars
  • Trucks
  • Vehicles
  • Bus
  • Trailer

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Bearing Kit

We have a wide collection of superiorly designated Bearing Kit, which is utilized in vehicles and engines to ensure reliability in their functioning. These kits reduces the friction between moving parts and are made sturdily and precisely by using premium grade materials and advanced technologies. Our offered kits are capable enough to sustain high rotational load. This kit range is comprised of turntable bearings having distinguished diameters and is highly compatible with VEX gears and VEX motors.

  • Equipped with mounting holes to ensure excellent attachment
  • Suitable for rotational joints
  • Reduces friction
  • Minimizes misalignment of shaft in housing
  • Vehicles
  • Water pumps
  • Washing machines

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Clutches Bearing

The Clutches Bearing is superlatively suitable to be used in divergent industries for coupling clutches impeccably. This precisely designed by making most of most advanced materials, featuring anti-rotation that protects carrier from getting damage at constant speed. It is comprised of sturdy roll-pin around the bearing fork groove. These bearings are self aligned and capable enough to bear misaligned loads. Our product is superior in functions like indexing, overrunning and backstopping.

  • Excellent prevention from overrunning & backstopping Self aligned
  • High load sustaining capacity
  • Seal excludes contamination with a separator and bore liner
  • Prevent rotational damage
  • Get automatically locked when rolled in opposite direction
  • Belt pulleys
  • Chain wheels
  • Automobiles

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Hub Spacers

We have specially designed a quality range of Hub Spacers that is usually used in automobiles for reducing the load of car on bolts or studs. These spacers are precisely engineered from the best grade materials and are idyllically machined on the stern of the wheel spacers to meet with the locating ring on the front of the spacer. This spacer range brings in the entire weight of the vehicle centrally on the hubs. Our offered spacers consent to precise and consistent load bearing, whenever the spindle nut is tightened irrespective of the torque applied.

  • No vibration or movement through the wheels
  • Less stress on bolts or studs
  • Allows complete tightening of the spindle nut
  • Can sustain elevated load
  • Impeccable alignment
  • Cars
  • Trucks
  • Bus & Trailer

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