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Needle Roller Bearing

We develop high quality Needle Roller Bearing that is prominently used for bearing arrangements where radial space is limited. These roller bearings with cylindrical rollers that is small in diameters, with low cross sections. We see their wide application in compressors, transmitters and rocker arm. In our needle roller bearings the drive shaft of a rear wheel drive vehicle , generally comprises around eight needle bearings and mostly longer or sometimes operates on steep slopes.

Industrial Needle Roller Bearing

We offer Industrial Needle Roller Bearing that is used for higher speed and load bearing capacity. These are good tolerant for misalignment and has a heavy outer ring, which increases load capacity. The industrial rollers are cylindrical rather than being tapered and hence problem of slippage is face between the roller and raceway surfaces. These needles are retained by the cup lips and in the other they are retained by grease. In the grease retained needle bearing, we generally use spherical ended rollers, drawn cup needles.

  • Has a high radial load capacity
  • Apt for bearing applications, where there is limited radial space
  • Available in many types and form
  • Good radial load capacity
  • Low noise operation
  • Outboard engines
  • Textile industry
  • Power tools
  • Fax machines
  • Valve trains

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Cage Type Needle Roller Bearing

Our Cage Type Needle Roller Bearings are widely demanded and used for its highest load bearing capacity for a given radial space of all roller bearings. These needle bearings have no retainer and are full balance of needles in the annular space between two hardened machine components, which form the bearing raceways. These bearings have the oil support lubricants that are used to add durability and smoothness. These have a bearing assembly with moderate capacity and are sensitive to misalignment; they are commonly used in farm construction equipment, gasoline engines, gear pumps and small appliances.

  • Help machine builders achieve optimum fitting
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Prevents from heat created by abrasiveness
  • Keep away from mechanical breakdown
  • Gasoline engines
  • Vacuum machines
  • Automobiles

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Bottom Roller Bearings

We manufacture Needle Ball Bearings that are majorly used in textile industry with its accurate built and dimension. In this, the outer ring of the bearing is crowned to accommodate some misalignment in the roller stands; moreover, crown helps in preventing early failure of the bearing by circulating load uniformly. We apply light mineral oil on the journal sealing that protects from damages or dirt.

  • Integrated lubricating nipples
  • Steel cage split in the two halves
  • Compatible with various sizes of roller stands.
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Textile industry
  • Automotive industry

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