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Iveco Truck Bearing

Iveco Truck Bearing which are equivalent for Iveco bus , Iveco truck , Iveco trailer etc. We manufacture superb quality Iveco Bearings that help in extended speed capability of Iveco vehicles and its heavy load capacity. It generates lower heat during the operation. The materials we use in manufacturing these bearings are steel and brass. It has deep raceway grooves and the balls making it non separable and simple in design. Our bearings for Iveco are fully corrosion resistant and capable to perform even on high speed. It uses a shaft in a preferably larger hole and cylinders, which fills the space between the hole and shaft.

Forging Bearing

Our firm manufactures quality Forging Bearings, majorly preferred for their ability to withstand high pressure & temperature while operating in rough environments. We see its usage where there are more chances of corrosion and heat; we produce them in different solid metal types as in soft iron, SS304 / 316 / 321, metal and other alloy items. These are achieved by ring rolling and forging process and is vastly used in refining and production process of chemical and oil Industry.

  • Fastens annular components
  • Reduces noise and vibration
  • Predictable and repeated slip
  • Avoids resonance frequencies
  • Jet turbines
  • Paper mills
  • Helicopter gearboxes
  • Windmills

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Radial Ball Bearings

Our company offers premium Radial Ball Bearings that are used for supporting an axial rotating load by allocating the load forces along the radius. Our radial ball bearings are made of genuine hardened steel or ceramic materials and have a very low friction coefficient. We provide various ranges of radial ball bearings that are all self aligning and better absorb off center loads. In these bearings, the ball or rollers between the races support the shaft axially with very little friction while distributing the loads it carries around the radius of the bearings.

  • High performance
  • Silent operation
  • Least heat generation
  • Reduced amount of Vibration
  • Vacuum machines
  • Automotives
  • Bus /Truck & Trailer

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Freewheel Clutch

Our company provides immaculate Freewheel Clutch, which is used in transmission that disengages the driveshaft from driven shaft while the driven shaft rotates faster than the driveshaft. Moreover, free wheel clutches are applied in indexing devices, backstopping clutches or overrunning clutches. These consist of sprags, cage in relation to shaft size. We offer customized freewheel clutches if there is particular specifications from our clients.

  • Finest design of the clamping curve
  • Small sprags save space
  • Suitable for higher torque requirement
  • Rust protected
  • Motorcycles
  • Automatic transmissions
  • Helicopters
  • Conveyors
  • Bus /Truck & Trailer

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