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DAF truck Bearing

Daf Truck Bearing which are equivalent for daf bus, daf truck, daf trailer etc. We provide advanced DAF Bearings that are capable of carrying combination of large thrust and radial loads. These are relatively large sliding friction generated at this flange, which makes it suitable for high speed applications. Applied majorly in trucks, we develop them with extra sturdiness, heat resistance and load capacity. We design DAF bearings for various models as per the client’s specifications with genuine stainless steel metal and special corrosion resistant coating, which lower downs the maintenance cost and enhances longevity.

Automotive Clutch Release Bearing

We provide superior Automotive Clutch Release Bearing, which is specially designed to control clutch conditions and for taking care of misalignment in components. Moreover, when we combine a precision sheet metal bearing unit and a polymer sleeve or carrier in one unit, the bearings allow engine and gearing box to perform more efficiently. We offer automotive clutch release bearings in various dimensions depending upon the force and speed of machines.

  • Pins can take misaligned loads
  • Retains grease
  • Avoids the contamination
  • Least noise and vibration
  • Motorcycles
  • Cars
  • Heavy duty trucks
  • Bus & Trailer

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Bearing Shaft

We produce Bearing Shaft that is used for supporting an applied load, sliding or rotational motion between two or more parts. Bearings shaft are majorly applied in industrial components, aerospace, automotive, mechanical industry etc. The shaft turns, each of the rollers as the logs, though bearings are round, thus rollers never fall out from under the load. We understand that correct dimensional shaft is fundamental in achieving desired result; therefore we test their magnetic behavior, fatigue durability, impact on the surroundings regarding vibration etc.

  • Adaptable shaft ends as per the application
  • Higher tolerance level
  • Extended maintenance intervals
  • Superior speed and load carrying ability
  • Automotive industry
  • Aerospace industry

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Roller Bearing Axle Boxes

Our company is engaged in offering quality Roller Bearing Axle Boxes that are used in railway vehicles, also for wheel axles, drive units and traction motors. These work between wheel and other part of rail vehicle, generally cylindrical in structure. We use glass fiber reinforce polyamide or brass depending upon the applications specified by our client. Our roller bearing axle boxes are high on performance, reliability with low maintenance cost, which helps rail corporations in achieving superior speed and safety.

  • Compensating for thermal expansion
  • Minimum energy consumption
  • Superior speed and load carrying ability
  • Integral sealing solutions
  • Railway trains
  • Light and vehicles
  • Agricultural equipment
  • Wheel assembly
  • Bus /Truck & Trailer
  • d:77.00
  • D:130.00
  • T:91.00
  • KGS:4.350

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